Plant Protein Salad Mix contains the highest plant protein ingredients - Sunflower and Pea Shoots, Broccoli and Red Cabbage microgreens. 


Sunflower Shoots  are a great source of calciumand iron.  They're also high in plant protein, fiber, calcium and iron and contain a wide range of other vitamins and minerals including Vitamin A, B Vitamins, C, D, and E. 


Pea Shoots nutrition values include beta-carotene – which our bodies convert into vitamin A, vitamin C, folate–which is an essential building block for the human body, and fiber. They are one of the highest plant protein shoots around.


Broccoli microgreens have larger quantities of magnesium, manganese, copper, and zinc. These are very essential minerals that most people are deficient in. Academic studies have stated that these microgreens are the most nutrition of all.


Red Cabbage microgreens were found to have 40 times more vitamin E and six times more vitamin C than their mature counterparts, while coriander microgreens had three times more beta-carotene than the fully grown equivalent.


plant protein salad mix 100g